Here’s a thought…

Some folks have commented on and asked about the artwork featured in Moore Consulting logo, I’ll explain.Years ago, I considered what I wanted as the first visual contact a client would make with my work and considered whether the image would indicate the direction of my work. What did I want the image to say? What is the story?I wanted to depict a road, implying a journey, undulating, moving forward, solid. The ground on which we stand.I also wanted to represent what was beneath that road. Bright colors, misshapen pieces, an occasional open space. The foundation upon which we build our journey-road.

For me, the black cover represents the conscious mind, our outward appearance for the world to see. It appears deliberate, firm, has some ups and downs, moving forward. Mostly, we present as this solid, yet forward moving ground. The color beneath represents the unconscious contribution of each emotion, memory and event that has impacted the journey-road, the ups and downs and a few open spaces. Each meaningful step along the way. Do the colors fit together; is it a solid foundation? Is it moving forward?

Some emotions, memories, events have been worked on and worked through to create a grounded, colorful, rich foundation for my journey-road and it continues forward.

The empty spaces in my artwork beneath the solid road coordinate with the floating shapes above. They are my children as represented by birthstone colors. They are the reason I claim motherhood on my journey; they are, however, independent, unpredictable and not for me to contain. There remains an essence of them in my journey-road and I in them. Structure and vibrant colors surround the open spaces and support my journey-road. They build their own. We all do.

One of my children enjoyed traffic signs as a small child. My favorite sign he pointed out was Bad Dip! No kidding!The sign said Bad Dip! And it warned of a really bad dip in the road ahead. Attending to the sign and adjusting my journey, made navigating the bad dip manageable. Missing the sign, or simply not attending to its message, or the messenger in the back seat, could leave an unsuspecting, inattentive journeyman bottoming out at a crossroad. I’m happy he noticed the sign and shared the message. I’m happy I took his consult.

If only all life’s journey came with clear visuals and indications of what is ahead. Since it doesn’t, consider whether your journey-road needs any maintenance. Are there open spaces yet ungrounded? Is the road headed up a steep hill? Or headed down moving too fast? In need of repair? Do you need to pull over and look at all the colors?

Do you think the original artwork tells the story?

What are your thoughts?

(originally posted June 2017)