Pen Pals

[Permission received to post this wonderful letter and review of Give Me the Red Cup: Knowing Joy in Autism. It is thrilling to know my book's simple message succeeds in telling the complex story of thinking, communicating, reframing and understanding…each other and ourselves! While English is not Petra’s first language, and we communicate across the globe, [...]


" I saw the angel in the marble and carved until I set him free."  Michelangelo Michelangelo found inspiration in a block of stone, a rock. As a painter, he found inspiration in a blank space, a canvas. What moved in him propelling his energy, effort and power to see, to envision, hidden perfection? Was he [...]

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Autism Awareness – Growth

'Don't bury what you don't want to grow.' Like a spring garden, well-maintained feelings grow and produce thoughtful responses. Untended feelings grow too; they may permeate like weeds interfering with and ultimately overwhelming good growth.  Feelings don't evaporate because we don't attend to them.  Feelings reside in our being.  As parents, partners, caregivers - careful [...]

A therapeutic person

A truly therapeutic person relates to the essence of you even when you don't feel you have an adequate way to communicate your thoughts, experience and need.  The impact of a therapeutic person stays with you long after the encounter has ended. You carry away the sense of being heard and maybe even understood! You carry [...]

Starting over…again

I am starting over… again … I guess I’m somewhere on a continuum of starting. Each time I am more familiar/experienced/resigned/prepared/flexible starting over which is good since starting over… again may not be easy. The starting point moves each time, though. If not, I think it would technically be a do-over. A do-over implies repeating [...]

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Give me the red cup

How would you teach: Give me the red cup. That simple statement has inspired and motivated me for almost two decades. It has enriched my personal development and has inspired my professional life. That simple question began a pilot Applied Behavior Analysis program designed by the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities at Kennedy-Krieger Institute. Let's [...]


Can you imagine! Forgiveness: the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven. Synonym: mercy In 2005 the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, an American Psychological Association publication, featured a study on Forgiveness Therapy. The study highlighted the benefits of the positive intention of forgiveness to not only ameliorate anxiety and depression, which Alternative Treatments can do, [...]

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My life on velcro

Velcro (noun, trademark): a fastener for clothes or other items, consisting of two strips of thin plastic sheet, one covered with tiny loops and the other with tiny flexible hooks, which adhere when pressed together and can be separated when pulled apart deliberately. How do you spell the sound Velcro makes when you pull the pieces [...]

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