I am starting over… again … I guess I’m somewhere on a continuum of starting. Each time I am more familiar/experienced/resigned/prepared/flexible starting over which is good since starting over… again may not be easy.

The starting point moves each time, though. If not, I think it would technically be a do-over. A do-over implies repeating from a particular point, back to the beginning unchanged. A noun.

Starting over implies a stop occurred which further implies having made some forward movement, absorbed some life, integrated some change and reckoned with it enough to make another courageous attempt. A verb, an action.

As in the process of change, we may want to start over, or the calendar says it’s a new year and we notice a lot of folks starting over, or life circumstances change in such a way as to impose starting over, but we might not feel ready for it. I contend we are better at change than we realize.

In his classic book, Transitions, (Wm. Bridges – by the way, great name for a guy writing about transition) tells us we are always in transition. It’s developmental. Considered in the light of this developmental arc, starting over…again, is understood as organic progression. We simply are designed to grow that way.

Starting over occurs in a vibrant and changing environment; it’s not just us. Life is pulsing and changing around us, serving as the direct impetus of our change, the indirect influencer of our change or the subtle facilitator of our change. Each time, from a new place: a new geographic, intellectual, physical, emotional or spiritual place starting over is exciting, exhausting, and exhilarating. I’m starting over…again.

With a new book of reflections, Give Me the Red Cup: Knowing Joy in Autism is intended as a thank you for the deep reality of joy I know through my years of work in autism. I have been inspired, have inspired others and hope to continue to inspire through this collection.  The book invites readers to notice (in mindful reflection) and to record (in active participation) the joys they know within and through their personal or professional experience.  While I continue to provide services as a Behavior Specialist I can be found as a listed resource at https://www.autismspeaks.org/family-services/resource-guide  

starting over…again through this new website, presents my experience, expertise and services with expanded consideration of Behavior and Counseling beyond autism.   Whether in group facilitation or individual consultation, I apply the principals of communication development, behavior shaping and reinforcement to build working rapport and relationship that honors the individual and enhances the group.

Starting over…again! Are you?