Starting over…again

I am starting over… again … I guess I’m somewhere on a continuum of starting. Each time I am more familiar/experienced/resigned/prepared/flexible starting over which is good since starting over… again may not be easy. The starting point moves each time, though. If not, I think it would technically be a do-over. A do-over implies repeating [...]

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Give me the red cup

How would you teach: Give me the red cup. That simple statement has inspired and motivated me for almost two decades. It has enriched my personal development and has inspired my professional life. That simple question began a pilot Applied Behavior Analysis program designed by the Center for Autism and Related Disabilities at Kennedy-Krieger Institute. Let's [...]


Can you imagine! Forgiveness: the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven. Synonym: mercy In 2005 the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, an American Psychological Association publication, featured a study on Forgiveness Therapy. The study highlighted the benefits of the positive intention of forgiveness to not only ameliorate anxiety and depression, which Alternative Treatments can do, [...]

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Eclectic transition

eclectic: deriving ideas, style or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources transition:   the process or a period of changing from one state (of being) or condition to another Transition represents that in-between state when we are no longer 'here' and not yet 'there'! We are always in transition. We are always traveling from one [...]

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