eclectic: deriving ideas, style or taste from a broad and diverse range of sources

transition:   the process or a period of changing from one state (of being) or condition to another

Transition represents that in-between state when we are no longer ‘here’ and not yet ‘there’!

We are always in transition. We are always traveling from one state of being to another. Transition captures the end and beginning in developmental stages…in a word transition is the process of ‘becoming’.

During childbirth the transition stage is physically demanding on the body, emotionally demanding on the soul and literally life changing for all participants. The pregnant woman births a person, the child is now an independent being.

When a child advances from one level of school to another, that school once so central to their daily being becomes a place to visit and remember. The transition may be challenging.

When a person leaves or loses a job, the transition to new and different can be difficult and daunting. That transition is challenging to finances, self-confidence and well-being.

The transition from single to married, married to single through death or divorce, from solo to partnered, partnered to solo carries so many moments of new and unknown experience.

Transition from wellness to ill health represents a particular set of demands and challenges. The compromised physical state renders that person particularly vulnerable to difficulties found in most transition. Imagine climbing a mountain at your optimum level of fitness; then imagine climbing that same mountain in ill health. The mountain remains the same; the ability to conquer it changes significantly.

Conversely, transition from ill health to wellness after a severe or chronic illness presents another set of challenges. Perhaps the rigors of a treatment routine are no longer present. That freedom might render a person fearful to fully transition to the belief in wellness.

Transition is always a forward movement…we don’t go back to where we’ve been. Perhaps we go in…go in to tap the strengths and internal resources that have sustained us during each previous transition.

Yet again, I am in a significant transition; I have moved, demanding on the body, demanding on the soul and relationships. I have broadened the focus of my work, demanding on the comfort zone. I have created my own consulting llc challenging to my creativity, patience and finances.

My passion is to help and support people in transition, all types of transition. Eclectic transition. (Thank you, Ann) I will continue to share the progress of my latest transition along the way.

A process, a passage, a transformation.

Transition requires both courage to move forward and confidence to go in, to rely on our base: our base relationships, our base of knowledge, our base of experience.

How do you manage transition?

Just a thought…

A mindful approach inspiring meaningful change.